16 Sep 2020

Dr Eugene Clark, Chair, NAPS Board of Directors and Council

We at NAPS believe that it is important for our academics, staff and students to be engaged with the professions and society in general.  One of the ways of doing this is contributing our ideas, reflections and opinions on various topics of interest to the profession and generally. 

Leading by example and priming the pump, the following blogs come from my personal collection. Ever since my university days when I served as editor of the student newspaper, I have been writing articles on various topics.  As an academic at the University of Canberra, I wrote a weekly column on law, technology and society for the Canberra Times newspaper.  I continue to be a columnist for China.Org. Attached are a series of my opinion articles/blogs (originally published in China.org) on various topics relevant to business and the professions.

As NAPS grows, we will engage our community of academics and our students, too, in contributing further articles. 

I hope you enjoy reading these and I look forward to reading future pieces written by the academics, staff and students of NAPS.

Recent Blog

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Accounting for the Future and the Future of Accounting
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