Regional Manager

  • Mukesh Dhamala

Marketing and Communications Director

Library and Information Resources Manager

Learning and Academic Support Manager

Student Services & Administration Manager

  • Pinkee Shrestha

Offshore Marketing Managers

  • Geeta Rajbahak (Nepal)
  • Greziel Baylosis (Philippines)
  • Khem Timsina (Nepal)
  • Muhammad Zeeshan (Pakistan)
  • MI Mehrab (Bangladesh)

Client Relation Manager

  • Sajuna Maharjan

Admissions Officer

  • Muna Tiwari
  • Nikesh Dhamala

GTE and Compliance Officer

  • Pinky Giri

Agent Relationship Officer

  • Prakriti Bhattrai

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Deepak Sthapit

Digital Marketing Executive

  • Reemika Maharjan

Account Manager

  • Aashis Khadka


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