NAPS Skills Statement

NAPS is continually seeking employers contributions to refine our Skills Statement which we consider a work in progress. Please send your comments to the President through or contact us for a meeting.
NAPS is committed to graduating creative professionals who are both work-ready and capable of developing innovative solutions to problems facing society.

This will require graduates to possess analytical and critical capacities as well as the ability to synthesise ideas and adapt to new situations.

NAPS expects its graduates to have developed a body of professional and disciplinary knowledge and technical skills as well as a set of appropriate professional values before they graduate. For this reason, we have distinguished between generic skills and specific professional skills when we assess our graduate outcomes.

While the skills and attributes have been listed separately, it should be recognised that effective professional practice requires the ability to integrate knowledge and the different skills and attributes.

NAPS aims to give our students a firm foundation so they can continue their life-long journey of improving their mastery in these areas.

  • Defining and applying 'professionalism' to their careers.
  • Working to fill their 'skills gaps' between higher education in the professional areas and what is needed in practice.
  • Continue to apply NAPS’ developmental approach across the curriculum and into their future learning.
  • Understanding that all NAPS professors are skills teachers too.

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