Emergency: In Australia, if you need the police, fire brigade or ambulance urgently call: 000. Then contact the Student Services Manager for additional support, or if it is after hours, contact NAPS President Prof Sam Blay m: 0425210514.

All NAPS staff are eager to help ensure the safety, wellbeing and health of our students, and the Student Services team is the best place to start. However if it is after hours or you prefer online assistance, there are many useful online and telephone resources.

For Physical Health concerns: Healthdirect: 1800 022 222; free 24/7 advice from a registered nurse who will advise if you should see a GP, manage the condition at home or go to a hospital emergency department.

For Mental Health concerns: NSW Mental Health Line: 1800 011 511 – staffed 24/7 by mental health professionals who can assess the urgency of your issue and direct you to appropriate local help.

A regularly updated list of support services is on the notice board at reception.

See also the Health and Safety resources available at the NSW Government's Study NSW website 'Health Hub'. See  www.study.sydney/live/health-hub and Safety page: www.study.sydney/live/safety 

Sexual Harassment or Assault Assistance

NAPS is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment free from all forms of unwanted sexual conduct. NAPS will take a zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Individuals involved in incidents of Improper Sexual Conduct are encouraged to seek support from:

  • Counselling Services: Students may contact the Student Services Manager services@naps.edu.au and staff should contact Human Resources for assistance to arrange counselling. Many services are available at no additional cost.
  • Any criminal offence will be reported to the police.

Staff and students are encouraged to make sure their behaviour is mutually professional and respectful by keeping a professional distance and not showing physical affection in public. If in private, ensure that enthusiastic, clear, verbal permission has been given first.

If you feel someone is behaving inappropriately towards you, speak with your lecturer or to the Student Services Manager to devise an action plan. The Student Services Manager can also act as a mediator. The privacy of both parties will be respected.

Support is also available from:

  • NSW Rape Crisis Centre: 98196565 or 1800 424 017
  • Sexual Assault: Medical advice and Crisis Counselling at Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Services: 02 9515 9040, After hours 02 9515-611.

If the stress of a situation has impacted on you academically, the Student Services team can also help you to develop an intervention action plan for your studies.


If you are ill while on campus, please do not leave NAPS without informing your teacher or the Student Services Manager.

In the case of serious illness or injury occurring on campus, please report to the Student Services Manager. A first aid kit is available in the Student Services Manager’s office, located on level 4.


While Sydney is generally safe, as in any large city, it is important to take precautions whilst travelling. People who are alert, which includes not wearing headphones, are less likely to be a target. Be aware of the location of the Emergency Help Points at train stations and try to stay in well-lit areas. Ask shop keepers or bartenders for help if you feel unsafe.

For more personal safety tips and crime prevention, you can visit the safety page of City of Sydney via: Health and safety - City of Sydney (nsw.gov.au) Multi-languages are available. Also see the NAPS Student Handbook for more tips.

Other useful telephone help services in Sydney:

  • Victims of Crime Support Line: 9374 3000
  • Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000
  • Crisis Service-ask for after-hours crisis workers: 9515 6111

Mental Wellbeing and Counselling

Our Senior Student Service Manager and the academic and administrative teams have an open door policy and are willing to talk to you about any matters you may be facing. Individual assistance is available for students in need of specialised counselling. Inquire at Students Services for assistance.

If you would prefer 24/7 immediate external support, you can call one of the following numbers

  • Salvo Youth Line: 9360 3000
  • Salvo Suicide Prevention: 9331 2000
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselling: 9799 1199

Online support can also be found at:

Also remember to maintain your good mental health through building relationships, exercising, eating a healthy diet, avoiding excess alcohol or drugs, getting a good night's sleep, regular checkups with the doctor and seeking help if you feel you are not coping as well as you could be. (Source: Tips for good mental health https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/tips-for-good-mental-health; Accessed 23/07/2019.)

Cyber Safety

Avoid identity theft. Do not share your personal information with parties that you do not know or trust online through social media, emails or through any other online modes of communication.

NAPS has a top quality firewall and virus protection in place to protect you while using the Internet and your personal information.

However, NAPS does not accept any responsibility for the misuse of your personal information that you may provide to an unauthorised party that is not connected to NAPS while using your student email and facilities. NAPS accepts no responsibility if you visit a site that is clearly dangerous from your personal system and effectively pass on viruses or malware to your peers.

If you think you are the victim of cyberbullying, please talk to your Student Services Manager. If possible, please save evidence of the alleged conduct in the event that the Student Services Manager needs to conduct investigations. 

If a student is found to have engaged in cyberbullying, NAPS will not tolerate such behaviour and this may attract penalties and sanctions under the SS019 Student Code of Conduct.

Read More NAPS Student Handbook.

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