Every NAPS student will have the opportunity and assistance to graduate with a Professional ePortfolio.

A professional ePortfolio will allow students to provide information about each student’s academic activities and experience in an online format that will be accessible to employers, subject to privacy laws.

The ePortfolio is an electronic way for new graduates to prove their job-readiness, technology literacy and the ability to ‘link-in’ with relevant recruitment and professional agencies. 

Students will be encouraged to continually develop their ePortfolio each year so they will have a ‘Professional ePortfolio’ on graduation. It will be an excellent way to document their skill set as it can include examples of written communication skills (formal letters, business reports, LinkedIn pages etc) examples of oral communication skills (audio/video of an oral presentation by the student); research skills (sample of a student's research papers); student's cv and statement of career plan; examples of technology literacy (evidence of training on Microsoft Word, Excel; Powerpoint, Adobe and other software through the NAPS Skills Hub); evidence of special skills (eg coding); and documentation from their work experience.

Read more:  SS008 ePortfolio Requirements 

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