At NAPS, we are global innovators in Business higher education who provide you with a supportive program of study and a vibrant student community. We effectively use technology for business and learning and help equip you to do the same. We will work with you to help you attain a highly sought after, globally-focussed professional education and the practical skills you need for respect and success in the workplace and beyond.

Global innovators in Business Higher Education

NAPS is an institution that is committed to becoming a leader in global business education which is why it is the first Australian higher education provider to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Business and also Islamic specialist business units which can be taken as part of an Accounting degree.

NAPS’ mission is to provide an education that is student-centred and facilitates professional-readiness as well as an international outlook.

Supportive Program of Study

The Academy’s program of study is designed to prepare students for professional success in the many different careers for which a business degree serves as a useful or required qualification.

Practical skills and values are infused throughout the curriculum and the Experiential Program continues to be developed.

Academic rigour is mandated through a uniform attendance policy, multiple assessments and examinations that require analysis.

Courses are specifically designed to teach skills and values. Study outside the classroom and co-curricular activities are organised for a full educational experience.

Each student is assigned an academic staff mentor. Our staff reflect the diversity of our student body and global expertise and many are multi-lingual.

Technology at NAPS

Effective use of information technology permeates the Academy.  The NAPS Library and Skills Hub provide excellent access to online resources. Students also have access to nearby university libraries with community access rights to be paid by NAPS.

Each student will be given assistance to produce a Professional ePortfolio if they wish to do so. This is recommended as it is an excellent way to showcase their skills to prospective employers.

Details: NAPS SS010 Skills Framework and Skills Hub

Quality Facilities in Excellent Location 

The Academy’s campus provides ample space for the needs of the academic program, professional skills training, faculty offices, support staff, library, and various student activities and organizations.  It has been designed to be consistent with the School’s emphasis on student-centred interaction, creating professionally prepared graduates.  The technological capabilities of the building and equipment are state-of-the-art, and there also is sufficient student access to quiet study and research areas, including space for group study and collaborative work.

The Academy is located in Chalmers Street, next to Sydney’s Central Station and near Sydney’s CBD, making finding good public transport, shops, cafes and Sydney’s parks and harbour easy.

Skilled and Caring Academic Staff

NAPS’ academic staff consists of educators and practitioners who have significant teaching or practice backgrounds and currency within the business community.

They participate in continuous self-improvement through “Best Practices in Teaching” sessions and regular feedback from students and peers. 

They are committed to teaching, scholarship, student mentoring and public service.  Some of the teaching staff have earned teaching awards and/or have developed national reputations for their scholarship.  Scholarship is supported and facilitated and supported by conference travel and teaching relief.  

Consistent with the Academy’s commitment to diversity, NAPS has attracted, appointed, and will continue to recruit faculty from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

The Academy’s administration has significant experience in higher education institutions and benefits from access to others with knowledge and expertise. The Board of Directors and Council, the Academic Board and Executive team are formed from national and international experts in their fields.

Vibrant Student Community
NAPS staff will support you as you live, work and play so that you can experience the best that Sydney has to offer.

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