Getting Started

  • between 18 and two months before a course starts, students can apply for admission;
  • one month (at least) prior to Orientation Week, students need to accept offers and pay the Enrolment Fee. In Australia, orientation week is usual mid-February.
  • No later than four weeks prior to the commencement of each trimester; timetables and results will be posted. They will be accessible in the Student Portal on Moodle.
  • One month before trimester 2 – July –enrolments due if you wish to begin your course in trimester 2. 
  • One month before trimester 3/Summer term to enrol if the units required are on offer.
  • On orientation day, new students will receive their timetable. Please login to the Student Portal and check your timetable.
  • During the first week of enrolment only; if you want to change courses, a Change of Course Form can be submitted to Student Services Area otherwise administration fees apply. 
  • Other enquiries related to Withdrawal/Cancellation, deferment and change of timetable may be discussed with Student Services.

    Timetables and room allocations are set in advance, but may change each trimester.

NAPS Academic Calendar


At NAPS, the standard academic calendar consists of three trimesters (typically, 13 weeks of instruction, two weeks of examinations and usually two weeks break between each trimester). This calendar applies the basic chronological structure of the three trimesters to the Year  2022 - 2027.

NB: To give extra flexibility to meet the needs of students, the Summer Trimester (T3) is optional.

Click NAPS CALENDER DATES to download.

Withdrawals and Transfers

  • within the first six months of enrolment with NAPS, a student may make a request for transfer to another provider, however NAPS may only grant or approve the request if the Academy determines that the transfer will not be detrimental to the student or where exceptional circumstances exist. 
  • after the first six months of enrolment in NAPS as the principal course provider, no restrictions apply.

Fees Due

  • at the time of enrolment, the Enrolment Fee and first trimester tuition fees are due;
  • two weeks before each trimester; tuition fees are due.
  • 10 weeks before the commencement of the term/ next term is the cut off date for a full refund of fees for change of mind*;
  • on or after the course commencement date - no refunds.

 See ‘Guide to Proportion of Fees Refunded' for withdrawal dates that impact on the percentage of fees that can be claimed.

*withdrawal from a course on illness and compassionate grounds will be decided on a case by case basis, so key dates do not apply.

See ‘Rejection of Refund’ for circumstances where the key date is irrelevant.


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