As the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Bimoli oversees the Academy’s business operations, ensuring that best-practice financial and operational procedures are in place, followed and updated.

Mr Bimoli has extensive experience in the effective and efficient management of  international students. He successfully established the registered training organisation, the Australian Harbour International College (AHIC) in Sydney’s CBD. Under his leadership as Managing Director/Principal Executive Officer, the College has grown in only four years to employ over 45 staff and academics, and to cater for over 1100 students. His role at AHIC has developed his strategic planning, financial and staff management skills, which he is now using to ensure the stability and growth of NAPS.

Mr Bimoli came to Australia from Nepal as an international student in his 20s, earning a Bachelor of Information Technology with Distinction (CQU). His positive experience reinforced his belief that a quality education was vital for security and success. His passion continues to be to provide that opportunity for others.

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