Prof Dr Raditya Sukmana is a Professor in the Department of Islamic Economics, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. He lectures on the subjects of Foundation of Islamic Economics, Islamic Monetary Economics, Islamic Microeconomics, and Econometrics.

He obtained his PhD in Islamic finance from International Islamic University Malaysia in 2010, one of the world’s leading organisations in research in Islamic finance. His PhD dissertation was on: Financing and Its Determinants: Comparison between Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks in Malaysia and Indonesia. He obtained his Master of Arts in Economics from Georgia State University, USA, in 2002. His BA in finance is from Airlangga University Indonesia.

Prof Dr Sukmana is a co-author of Fundamentals of Islamic Money and Capital Markets, which was one of the first comprehensive guides to Islamic financial markets and continues to be a vital resource on the subject It was the first book on Islamic finance to focus exclusively on money and capital markets.

Prof Dr Sukmana is a Member of the Shariah Advisory Board, Bank Pembiayaan Shariah Mitra Mandiri Sukses, was Head of Zakat Collection Division, in Zakat Service Unit in Malaysia, BAZNAS (May 2007 – January 23, 2010), Director of Islamic Economic Forum for Indonesian Development (ISEFID) (Nov 2004 – July 2007) and continues to be a reviewer for the Journal of Islamic Finance (International Islamic University Malaysia), and the International Journal of Islamic Middle Eastern Finance and Management (Emerald).

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