Prof Sivaram (Ram) Vemuri received his Batchelor's degree in Economics from the University of Western Australia, a Master of Arts from University of Bombay and his doctorate from the University of Birmingham, England.

He has extensive experience in various academic institutions including University of Birmingham (England), Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), Yarmouk University (Jordan), and University of Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby). He joined Charles Darwin University (Australia) in 1988. At CDU, he has held several positions including the Head of the School of Law and Business and Professor of Business Management.

Prof Vemuri was an Associate Professor of Economics at CDU. His research expertise is in the area of economic applications to contemporary issues. He has written extensively in the area of Applied Economics emphasizing the importance of economic contribution by humans rather than capital and finance.

Previously serving as a Dean, Prof. Ram currently holds the position of Chair of the Course Advisoru Committee, showcasing his ongoing leadership and commitment within NAPS.

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