Couse delivery
Normally, NAPS courses are delivered face-to-face complemented with a range of online resources using the Moodle Learning Management System, making it easier to build a vibrant interactive student community.  Students are required to attend classes and any related tutorials.  However, in the COVID-19 environment, the Academy will conduct courses online using Zoom wherever appropriate to ensure health standards and the protection of our students.  There is a Zoom Login section on the NAPS website that will connect students with the relevant lecture IDs once activated.  Students have access to online resources through Moodle, and essential texts are ebooks whenever possible, making it easier for students to engage with their courses online at any time.   

The COVID-19 situation is fluid. Government public health advice and necessary regulations are constantly changing.  The Academy will monitor these developments to make relevant changes to the delivery of its courses and advise students accordingly to enable students to better prepare for classes.   

Orientation is an essential element in ensuring a more effective student experience. In NAPS, orientation starts in the first week; but orientation activities do not end after the first week. The NAPS Student Services team encourages participation in professional and social events as part of continuous orientation to help students settle into their courses and the general professional and student community.

Common facilities
NAPS facilities have been designed to ensure the needs of all students are taken care of. There is a common room with kitchen facilities, regularly cleaned bathrooms, a library with meeting and study spaces, and a prayer room.

Consistent with the Academy’s commitment to diversity, the Academy encourages and actively recruits students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our courses are open to domestic students however, we anticipate that the majority of our students will be international, from a diverse range of countries that include: the Gulf Cooperation Countries, Indonesia Malaysia, Nepal, China and India and China, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

Our Student Numbers
NAPS anticipates taking in its first students in 2021 starting with 80-90 students in the first year. This is expected to grow to 205 total enrolments in 2022, 346 in 2023, 490 in 2024 and 685 students in 2025. Depending on international travel restrictions, some NAPS students may be undertaking their courses online, subject to TEQSA approval.

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