Mr Bhetwal is an educational entrepreneur who brings his extensive experience as a business manager at two Sydney colleges to his role on the NAPS Board of Directors and Council, particularly advising on finance, risk management and marketing.

As someone who started their life-long learning as an international student, he is passionate about creating the best possible experience for today’s generation of students. He considers that an essential component of a quality educational experience is value for a student’s investment in time and financial resources. Mr Bhetwal has been a continual advocate who  ensures that NAPS’ operation live up to the promise in its title of being a Professional Academy, leading to professional, global careers.

Mr Bhetwal arrived in Australia from Nepal for his first degree as an international student at the age of 19 completing a Bachelors of Information Technology at Central Queensland University. He gained an extra insight into the sector the grass-roots way – through studying at four different institutions. He changed his career path, studying at Griffith University, the Australian National University and the University of Technology, Sydney, from Certificate to Juris Doctor level in various areas of Law. Fluent in three languages, he still runs his own law firm, but finds greater satisfaction managing the business side of colleges.

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